There are a large number of older people whose conditions and illnesses do not allow them to live independently. Care for such patients requires great patience and possession of skills.

That is why we founded Varezhkino, a private rest home with professional care for the elderly. Only in this manner can we fully provide hands-on and delicate care for the elderly and sick people along with comfortable living conditions.

Igor Viktorovich Morozov - project manager, general practitioner. Upon graduating from medical school Igor worked 12 years in a nursing home for the elderly and disabled in the Kaliningrad region. He has trained in nursing homes in Germany and Poland.

«We provide accommodation with professional care and rehabilitation for the elderly, with an emphasis on helping individuals suffering from various forms of dementia, senile dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

The basis of our system of care comes from the experience of the best European clinics. The main purpose of the process is to maintain maximum physical and mental activity of clients and boosting their motivation to engage in physical training, ergotherapy, and occupational therapy.

By using original techniques in psychological testing we are able to identify early signs and symptoms of dementia.

Ekaterina Konstantinovna Sadovnikova – Centre manager. Valentina graduated from Kaliningrad Higher School of Management and has over 20 years’ experience in the restaurant and hotel industry.

«The unique spirit of an ancient manor, located in a complex of gardens, creates for our customers a sense of comfort and inner peace.

In practice we have introduced modern technology care for the elderly meeting European standards. The space of the complex is more than adequate as a rest home. All single and double rooms are equipped with a TV, comfortable furniture and bathroom facilities. We offer visitors a cozy dining room and a room to stay overnight. This is the type of modern facility we offer for the care of the elderly.»

All the staff of our guesthouse for the elderly "Varezhkino" has a sincere desire to take care of your family and help all the people that they encounter on a daily basis.

Our objectives:

- Improve the quality of life of the elderly;
- Maintain viability and activity;
- Provide the best possible living environment;
- Psychological, spiritual, and rehabilitative care.