About the Manor

"Varezhkino" Manor is in the beech forest on the outskirts of Yantary, about an hour away outside of Kaliningrad. Here you can find a calm and measured rest, romance, and tranquility all within a medieval beech forest. Our rest home is found here among the natural beauty and dignified restraint of the beech forest.

It is here that an ancient Prussian sanctuary stands preserved, which sits on a hill surrounded by ancient trees. According to legend, this place is going to insurgents Prussians, who in 1253 defeated the Crusaders near the village of Girma. Now this village, located just south of the estate, is called Ruskoe. It is said that the Prussian soldiers, standing in the center of the magic circle, drew strength from the mighty trees.

During another uprising by the Prussians in 1260, the legendary Herkus Mante stood in the circle and scored a long and successfully fought the Teutonic Knights. Later, when the Prussians’ resistance was finally broken, the local pagan priest named Varsha tried to save the ancient shrine. He eventually converted to Christianity and gained ownership of the plot of land.

As time went on the manor itself was reconstructed several times by the owners, but the shrine remained untouched and has not lost its peaceful energy to this day. Visitors will find harmony in their body and soul as they escape from everyday life and feel one with nature.

Autumn time brings gorgeous colored foliage while the fresh green covers the earth in springtime. Narrow, stone-paved roads from centuries past are now barely seen under fallen leaves. Thin paths framed by slim and monumental trees pass through the woods around the estate.

The manor is immersed in a gorgeous countryside and surrounded by a pristine forest. An apple orchard can be found on the property, and we invite our guests to pick fruit every autumn when harvest time arrives. The most beautiful beach on the coast of Kaliningrad is found a few kilometers from the estate near the village of Yantarny.

The beauty of the surrounding nature, bright colors, fresh sea air, beech forest, and aromas of ripe apples are sure to create a truly memorable experience!

The room's decors match the highest European quality standards. All rooms are spacious, bright and comfortable. Rooms look out on either the beech forest or the estate’s meadow, where in the summer colorful flowers bloom.