Cost of living: from 1170 rubles* per night

* The price of accommodation for the elderly is agreed upon depending on the state of health, age and degree of independence, as well as room placement and length of stay.

For stays of less than one month, a higher tariff applies on a sliding scale.

What is included in the cost of living in a nursing home?

• Comfortable, specially-equipped room;
• 5 individual balanced meals;
• Daily monitoring of health and regular inspection by a therapist;
• Assistance in hygienic procedures;
• Animation classes to restore memory and motor function;
• Various forms of leisure, entertainment and walks.

Considering the whole range of care we provide for the elderly, our nursing home offers quality service at a low price.

Documents required for registering a contract:

1. Photofluorography;
2. Outpatient card of previous polyclinic;
3. Original passport and medical insurance card;
4. Passport of a relative or trusted person in whose name the contract will be signed.